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Rose Dew Facial Toner


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Organic rose hydrosol distilled from rose petals with cooling properties that refine pores and soothe redness and irritation due to dry skin.

Skin Type: Normal to dry

Smells Like: Rose

Packaging: Glass bottle with spritzer

Size: 100 mL/3.3 fl oz


- A gentle alcohol-free formula appropriate for sensitive skin
- Tightens pores and hydrates skin preparing it for moisturizing
- Soothes redness due to dry skin

Ingredients: Certified organic rose hydrosol.

Instructions: Spritz on clean, dry skin and allow to dry. Follow with moisturizer.

pH Balance - 5

✔ 100% Plant-based formula
✔ Vegan
✔ Cruelty free
✔ Certified organic ingredients
✔ Reusable glass bottles