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Plan de Vida Loose Leaf Tea $6-$10

Plan de Vida

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High quality loose leaf tea from Plan de Vida. 

Gin + Tea: Enjoy the fresh and spicy notes of this premium Japanese green tea with ginger. Caffeine level: 1/3. Contains green tea (Japan) and ginger (India). 

Canadian Breakfast Blend: Enjoy this bright and full bodied black tea to start your day! Caffeine level: 3/3. Contains black tea leaves (Kenya, India, Sri Lanka). 

Refresh-mint: Follow any meal with this refreshing blend of cool peppermint and creamy organic cacao pieces. Caffeine-free. Contains organic cacao pieces (India) and peppermint leaves (USA). 

Relax: The soft floral notes of lavender and chamomile round out the earthy flavours of valerian root. Caffeine-free. Contains chamomile (Egypt), lavender (France), and valerian root (France). 

Relief: Soothe your throat and stomach with peppermint and ginger. Don't forget to add lemon + honey. Caffeine-free. Contains lemongrass (Thailand), peppermint (USA), and ginger (India).