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Lux Soy Candle


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These long-burning soy wax candles have a unique wooden wick and are stored in a simple white tin with a lid. Six scent combinations - there's one for you!

No 1: [GREENWOOD] earthy with a hint of citrus

No 2: [MAPLECCINO] a warm blend of cinnamon, maple syrup and vanilla bean

No 3: [CREAMSICLE] deliciously scented with lilac, orange and coconut

No 4: [FRUIT PUNCH] fruity scents of pineapple, strawberry and green apple

No 5: [JARDIN ROSE] reminiscent of a secret garden, the scents are of rose, carnation and lingering must

No 6: [THE VERT] a blend of citrus, gardenia and green tea

Weight: 120g / 4oz

Burn time: Approx 25 hours