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Felted Nesting Bowls - Turquoise

Hamro Village

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Fair trade felted colourful nesting bowls, perfect for storing jewelry, stationary items such as paperclips, elastic bands, tapes and more. 

Handcrafted by artisans in Nepal. These bowls, in beautiful contrasting colours, are made with 100% sheep wool from New Zealand, Azo free dyes, using just soap and water to form the prefect shape.

Material: 100% felted wool, a renewable material.
Care: brush. spot-clean with damp sponge and soap, or with a textile stain remover. Hand wash and air dry. Do not machine wash.

Large:  Diameter 9 cm x ht. 7 cm
Medium: Diameter 8 cm x ht. 6 cm
Small: Diameter 7 cm x ht. 4.5 cm