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Ancient Mud Facial Mask


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Dead Sea mud and Canadian glacial clay partner to leave skin looking visibly smooth, firm, and radiant.


  • Deep cleans skin with ultra-fine clays
  • Provides intense exfoliation to clarify and refine pores
  • Maintains hydration keeping skin plump and radiant
  • Provides mineral nourishment to balance and revive skin

    Key Ingredients: 

    • Dead Sea Mud- The mud found at the bottom of the Dead Sea, the most saline sea in the world (8.6 times saltier than ocean water), consists of a green clay (similar to French clay) suspended in sea water with ultra-fine particles that create a smooth, creamy texture. Clay has the powerful ability to draw impurities out of skin while creating a deep exfoliation of dead skin cells. Mineral oxides give it its rich green colour and helps to balance skin's flora. The salt contains high levels of magnesium to nourish skin and maintain hydration. 
    • Glacial Marine Clay- Mineral-rich glacial marine clay is sustainably harvested from the Pacific Ocean in British Colombia. Sourced from the sediment that runs off a  live glacier, it is dried and processed into tiny particles that penetrate deep into pores and draw impurities out of skin. When the clay is wet it swells in size and as it dries on skin, it tightens and exfoliates.

    Skin Types: All skin types

    Smells Like:  Floral aquatic

    Packaging: Glass jar 

    Size: 100 g/3.3 fl oz

    Instructions: Apply to moistened face, avoiding eye area and lips. Allow to dry until it has turned a light green colour. Remove very gently with lukewarm water and follow with your regular routine. Use once per week, avoiding eye area. Do not use an exfoliating product on the same day.  Shake jar before use.

    Ingredients: Dead sea mud, glacial marine clay, neroli essential oil, rose absolute.

    ✔ 100% Plant-based formula
    ✔ Vegan
    ✔ Cruelty free
    ✔ Certified organic ingredients
    ✔ Reusable glass bottles